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Ag & Natural Resources


Learn about insect management for hemp production in Colorado and North America

insect management for hemp productionCSU College of Agricultural Sciences just launched a website to help hemp producers better understand what mites, insects and other "bugs" that are present in crops in North America. Read more.

Hot Topics

Weed ID & Management Program

We will be co-hosting this program with Larimer County Natural Resources to help you. You may bring in weeds from your property to the class. You can register for the class in Estes Park on July 24th or Fort Collins on August 15th.

Farmers & Ranchers - The Census of Agriculture needs to hear from you

If you raise animals or grow fruits and vegetables and sell $1,000 or more, the Census of Agriculture needs to hear from you. The information gathered can directly impact the creation and funding of agricultural programs and services.

low cost seedling trees available through CSUOrder low cost seedling trees, shrubs and perennials from Colorado State Forest Service