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Become a Master Gardener!

colorado gardening


Apply for the Colorado Gardener Certificate

Individuals interested in the Colorado Master Gardener training without the volunteer commitment may enroll for the coursework under the Colorado Gardener Certificate (CGC) option. The course work is available for a higher fee in-lieu-of the return service.

Please read all of these these documents carefully. You may apply online or by mail.

Applications for the CGC (non-volunteer program) are due Friday, December 8, 2017.

Application Submissions

Email application as attachment to: Alison O’Connor; astoven@larimer.org
Mail application to:
Alison O’Connor
Horticulture Agent
CSU Extension in Larimer County
1525 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524

About the Colorado Master Gardener Program

Please note: We are no longer accepting applications for the Colorado Master Gardener Program in Larimer County for 2018. Check back in September 2018 to apply.

Those selected for the program will receive approximately 66 hours of college-level horticulture instruction covering topics such as:

    • plant growth and development
    • soils and plant nutrition
    • insects
    • disease and plant diagnosis
    • turf management
    • vegetable
    • fruits

Between April and October each year, first year Master Gardeners volunteer 50 hours of time working with Larimer County Extension. Volunteer hours are spent:

    • plant issues
    • insects and diseases
    • answering gardening questions
    • working on various projects such as,
      • farmers' markets
      • home and garden shows
      • presenting programs to community groups
      • writing gardening articles for local and regional newspapers

Contact Us

Alison O'Connor, PhD